Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 646

Small One glared coldly at Zhang Chao, his large hands tightly holding Zhang Chao’s arm. Zhang Chao felt as if his arm was going to be broken by this big man.

“Let me go! Ah! It hurts!” Zhang Chao was drenched in sweat due to the pain as his red eyes glared at Small One.

Small One laughed coldly, his eyes full of distaste for Zhang Chao. “It seems that you have not learned your lesson after last time. You dare to hit a woman?”

Yu Luoluo stood behind Small One, her eyes full of contempt as she looked at Zhang Chao.

Zhang Zihao looked at Small One and became scared. Quickly, he rushed behind Yu Meizi and pointed. “Mom, it was him,” he shouted. He is the man who follows Ling Tianya around. Last time, in the spa, it was also him who threw out father and me. He is terrifying!”

Hearing this, Yu Meizi’s hand tightened around the rolling pin. Realizing that that big man was Ling Tianya’s bodyguard, Yu Meizi glared at Yu Luoluo. “You little brat, you went to find Ling Tianya, didn’t you? What are trying to do!”

“I’m warning you,” Yu Meizi said to Small One. “Don’t you dare do anything. I am Ling Tianya’s mother!”

Small One had always been with Ling Tianya and understood everything about her maternal family. Therefore, he didn’t like Yu Meizi. He laughed coldly and flung Zhang Chao aside.

Zhang Chao’s leg was not in good shape. After taking two steps backward, he fell onto the floor and took a long time to get up.

Small One looked at the three members in Yu Meizi’s family and said what Ling Tianya had told him to say. “Today, I have come on Madame’s orders and accompanied Ms. Luoluo here. Ms. Luoluo has already told us everything you guys have done. Therefore, I have come today to take Madame’s grandmother and Ms. Luoluo away!”

Hearing that Yu Luoluo had told Ling Tianya everything, Yu Chenshi raised her eyebrows and scolded Yu Luoluo. “Luoluo. Did you go find Ling Tianya this morning? I thought I told you not to tell her! She is pregnant, and she would be worried hearing those things. Why would we want her to worry about us?”

Yu Meizi looked at Yu Chenshi’s pulled up sleeves and the flour in her hands, her eyes full of distress. “Grandmother, I could no longer endure it. If I didn’t say something, I would suffocate. Now that I have told Sister Tianya, she blamed me for not telling her sooner. If she had known about this earlier, when you took me to visit her, she wouldn’t have let you come back!”

“Tianya… that child…” Thinking about Ling Tianya, Yu Chenshi’s heart slowly became full of guilt.

Yu Luoluo glared at Yu Meizi’s family, and particularly at Zhang Chao, with hatred. “Grandmother, Sister Tianya said that she will move us to her place.”

Hearing this, Yu Chenshi hesitated. “Is that appropriate?”

Small One said, “Grandmother, don’t worry. The young madame has many properties that are in her name. If you and Ms. Luoluo leave, then you can live in any of them. If you want to live in the heart of the city, then that’s no problem either. The young madame has a duplex there that you and Ms. Luoluo can live in. Also, the young madame can hire you servants who can help with the cleaning and the cooking. The young madame said that you have been working too hard for your entire life and that it is time for you to live in ease and comfort.”

“Before I arrived, I also asked the doctor about Ms. Luoluo’s mother. She is in hospital, but her health has stabilized and she can be transferred. I have already done the necessary paperwork for her transfer. The young madam has arranged for a VIP room under the name of the Ruan Family. There, we have the best doctors and staff members in the world.”

“Therefore, Grandmother, let’s get ready and leave with Small One to go to Sister Tianya.”

“No!” Zhang Zihao suddenly shouted. “If grandmother leaves, what about us? Who will cook for us?”

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